6 months difference!


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30 October 2012
I would not personally be eventing or asking much of a horse with that pathology behind re feet until you have a genuine improvement. My young horse had similar issues, we have improvements (albiet not as quickly as I’d like but then it never is!) but the hind angles are much better and normal now on x Ray despite them looking suspicious on the outside. He is moving so much better, standing so much better. I really think it’s something that needs sorting before you put them under too much pressure.

I took the shoes off after failed wedges but I would definitely consider frog support pads if needed.

Apologies if I misinterpreted your post.
I think you can sometimes change trim and get quite a quick improvement. My horse was -3.4 on worst hind in August, but could be trimmed after x-rays to positive. I was told 2 weeks off, return to normal work over a few weeks.**

Different story if there isnt enough foot to trim to a positive angle.

Reading below, OP's horse could also be trimmed to a positive angle.

** My horse actually had surgery unconnected to feet, and a few months off, and hasnt had shoes back on. His recent angles were plus 3.4 and 2.2 (which is low end of tolerable, though aiming for more heel growth!)


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22 July 2005
Looks so much better. A few months for muscles to gradually adapt and you will be away.