a better bit for a mare that rushes into fences

6 September 2019
greetings from central America, I have this mare she is strong I understand that she needs a lot of transition but still she is hard to manage- in flat she is using level one Myler bit snaffle D egg but she goes very into the in vertical until I use german reins she performs well in flat but without the german martingale reins she goes invertical--- and at the time she goes to fences she rushes without control even though I try to pull and balance myself backwards and still hard I don't have control that's why I don't di a full show jumping --- at the end we decide level one Myler bit snaffle for flat and for jumping kimblewick d egg but still difficult to manage and to be peaceful in her mind and my mind. please helpp wich bomber bit could help her.
ps: i really cannnot control her and i have a really close contact i hve to use lots of strenght please help


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21 July 2016
ok. its not about the biting. she needs to learn to slow down by training her to do so

first of all check she's not in pain so vet check for back, teeth etc. check the saddle fitting and check you have the bit correctly fitted

then get a good trainer. start over poles on the floor. don't make it a jump until she is relaxed trotting and cantering over poles

then (check you distances between pole and jump) lay one pole then a small cross pole jump then a pole on the floor after the jump.

start in trot. do not allow her to jump if she starts to rush. don't turn in to the exercise too far away so you're not giving her room to rush but pull her up if she starts to rush. the pole after the jump should concentrate her mind and slow her down. if she doesn't rush and you can do the exercise the pull bed up immediately after the last pole. do it in trot and only canter if she calms down.


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1 May 2007
Rushing is often a sign of lack of confidence in her ability to jump, and to bascule properly - rushing leads to flattening over jumps. Put up a few small jumps in your schooling area and ride around and between them at walk. When she is relaxed doing that, do the same at trot, Once she is relaxed then just once in a while pop a small jump. If she rushes at it turn her away (no, it will not teach her to run out) and go back to riding around and between Just pop the occasional one until she can do that without rushing then do a couple in succession. And so on until she can manage a whole course without rushing. Then and ONLY then start raising the jumps so she has to use herself a bit more.