A thumbs up for Anthony Evans breakdown service


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14 September 2006
West Yorkshire
I know they get a bad press on here, but they were brilliant yesterday when our old wagon broke down.
The back story to this is I was taking a friends rare breed mare from West Yorkshire to Staffordshire. The journey was not too good, as the M6 had been closed and we spent about an hour on the diversion of about 5 miles! We then got going again and reached the yard she was going to. Friend told me that there was a low, narrow bridge on the track to the yard, so I decided to stop at the first gate and not risk getting a Leyland Daf 7.5 tonner stuck in a tricky place.
Little mare unloaded with barely a drop of sweat on her and hadn't been stressed by the journey at all. Saw her settled in the field, had a cuppa with the yard owners and made our way back to the wagon. Then could not get reverse gear, yard owner hubby knows about wagons, he thought there was a problem with the gear linkage, but couldn't mend it.
Rang Anthony Evans, they asked if we had a horse on board and how many people to get home. Fortunately we weren't taking a horse back, but it wouldn't have mattered, as a lovely mechanic came out, told me the ball joint was worn, but he had pushed it back in place and it should get us home. THEN he very, very kindly reversed the wagon out of the drive and turned it in a tiny side road. We set off and got back in good time, with all the gears working better and more smoothly than they had on the way down :)
So thank them for good and prompt service, they got to us in less than an hour.

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15 September 2010
We have had a breakdown on our way to cricklands 3 kids 2 horses etc . They were brilliant we have all our cover with them now . Glad you got back safely


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19 October 2009
I called them out twice in two weeks to my ancient wreck of a horsebox, they got it going both times, both brilliant helpful 'old school' common sense mechanics. Both gave me advice regarding the ongoing care of the box which has meant smoother running since

The 'comedy' stories of how I broke down and was rescued were put online and picked up by a magazine who published them lol