A very happy Area 14 ODE qualifier...


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1 August 2008
I hope this doesn't get too long...!

Originally the plan was to do the intermediate (BE100 equivalent). Then D had his accident so had 3 weeks off and I decided he wasn't fit enough so I dropped him down to the novice (BE90 equivalent).

Left home at 6am and arrived thanks to the lovely SatNav at 8:30. There was no traffic so it made the journey very quick :) Went and handed in the passport and then went to walk the XC. I thought it was quite a fair BE90 course but slightly on the small side with only a couple of jumps up to height. However a fairly long course with a veyr tight time.
XC Course:
1-nice house
2-hanging log
3AB-step up, 1 stride to a palisade then quite a steep hill
4-triple rail
5-up to height pheasant feeder
6-sloping palisade
7-sloped table
8AB-half coffin (palisade with a drop to a ditch)
9AB- 2 steps up
10AB-step into water, run out
11-skinny roll top
12-chair (long gallop to next)
13-tiger trap
14AB-two hanging logs on a curve
15AB-water to a roll top
16-palisade with a blue wave on top

Anyway back to the event:

Got on for dressage 45mins before our test and he warmed up nicely. Did an OK test with one point in which he really tried to stop and nap from canter but (for once!) i was quick enough to get him going. I was a little dissapointed with it so was expecting around 45.

Was due to have 40mins before SJ but I changed tack and went straight down as they were calling for people. Popped 3 jumps and went in. I was hoping for only 1 down max. He has been having around 3 down every round but I have tried a new tactic by taking off his martingle...

We went in got a bit close to 1, jumped 2 beautifully, 3 beautifully and then sack the pilot. We both messed up the stride and instead of helping him out i sat like a lemon and did nothing, not one squeeze/kick or anything. Cue pony not knowing what was happening and having a very confused stop :( Anyway gave myself a kick up the **se for poor riding and got on with it and he jumped awesomly around the rest of the course. Not even touching one pole, he definitely seems much happier without the martingale so might carry on and see how it goes.

I was now due an hour and a half til XC. But again I changed my clothes and took him straight back down to XC warm up.

I knew I was going to have to ride like I never had before to get close to the time. We weren't allowed to go straight through the start box and were meant to do a standing start, so we trotted in momentarily paused and left however he was very sluggish as he was desperate to nap back to everyone.
He was very sticky at 1 but that is just him, took a flyer over 2. He stood off nicely at the step and pinged both the step and palisade. He was slightly sticky at 4 as he was watching the dressage as we came along the top of the hill and he was slightly shocked to see the jump.! Jumped 5 very well and then galloped ono 6. He jumped 6 well but the run up was very dodgy as he had seen a nice roll top he had decided he wanted to jump. 7,8 and 9 were great. He raced through the water and turned to the roll top easily. He pinged 12 off his favourite long stride. Hit 13 quite hard and pecked on landing but I gathered him up again to the logs. Jumped through those perfectly according to the commentator and then shot through the water over the roll top and then to the last fence.

I wasn't really expecting much as I doubted we had been fast enough. However my little sister who timed me on her phone informed me we were 5 seconds under :D :D

3 and a 1/2 hours later the results were announced :O :p

We had been 2nd after dressage with 35 :O :O
Stop SJ put us in 3rd
Clear in the time XC left us in 3rd.

This means we came 3rd out of 50 and qualified for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! (what a birthday present :) )

So unbelievably proud of the pony :D :D

I love him :) :D

PIMMS AND BDAY CAKE....(if you made it this far!!)
Sorry this is so long

Pipsqueak 1981

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3 April 2009
WOO HOO!! Congrats. :) Well done you...not wonder you are dead chuffed:D

I'm still wondering if I've made it there:rolleyes:...there was a bit of a pickle at the results for our area qualifier, got them the day after!:eek::confused: the person that beat me in our arena was in the winning team...so it looks promising but waiting hear.:eek: