Absolutely gutted :( what do I do now? :(


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5 May 2011
I also hope that he is kept under close observation as, if he is inclined to buck and gallop about through sheer joie de vivre, the liklihood he'll break it without any help from a rider is fairly high I would imagine.

OP I would lend you any of mine, if it would help.
Yeah I had thought this myself, he is quite high spirited and the best of times, his rearing is never half hearted either, it's a full I am going to rear and if you don't do something about it, I'll simply go all the way over! As a result he comes down very hard on fronts.

Aww bless thanks, you make it sound like you have a lot! Wish I could afford to have 3+ horses, I'd have one for each discipline!


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11 January 2008
Not wishing to bad mouth the polo world, but having spent 8 seasons as a groom, I have seen all sides of it.

Firstly, polo ponies don't often have the same groom for more than 1 season. Secondly, the owner/player quite often doesn't know the ponies names, ages, history etc. Thirdly, very few owners/players would spend significant amounts of money getting a devastatingly injured horse back to full health (I know of only one).

Is the owner 100% convinced that she is being given the history for the right horse? Polo ponies can often look alike (I lost count of the amount of 15.2 8 year old chestnut mares I looked after...), and I wonder if the person she spoke to was mistaken.

I would pay for Xrays myself, see if there is any sign of an old break. If there is, then respect the owners wishes and don't ride him again (or light hacking, whichever you have agreed on). If there isn't, then I'd speak to her again, showing her the Xrays. She would probably be relieved there isn't a problem there!

Good luck :)