Advice on buying horse?


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23 February 2021
I have recently found what I believe to be my dream horse. He is a beautiful little welshie who has the sweetest temperament. He is however quite bum high, and although his ages isn’t known (he was a scruffy rescue from a field) the vet has predicted him to be around 7-9. Under the saddle he does not appear bum high, he moves beautifully and works in an outline easily, but when he is stood without tack it is quite noticeable. I understand that by 7 most horses have grown even, so what are the impacts if they never do? The owner is very honest, and selling him for a valid reason. She is not rushing the sale at all and allowing me time to think it over and multiple viewings. I would only be using him for small local competitions, fun rides and hacking. Would his confirmation affect him doing this?