Affiliated riders please explain FEI show jumping!

3 March 2014
It is an aim of mine to compete internationally, I'm not talking all the Rolex Grand Prixs or anything, just 1.30-1.40m sort if heights.
I'm only 16 and currently jumpig Discovery/Newcomers and booked training to jump Foxhunter on a schoolmaster (at local competition centre) as my own horse is a little too old and small to jump them theses days as much as he'd like to try!

So can someone explain the heights?!
All I can see is it says CSI 1* and other such letters and numbers.
I have no idea what this means, I thought only eventing did stars and letters!

Can someone give me a link that explains it, I've tried the rule book and various other schedules.
How do people know these things?!

It would be very much appreciated!

And to anyone who is curious, no I do not intend on competing my current horse internationally, I am (hopefully) getting a youngster within the next 18 months (approximately 4 years old) as it is the more affordable way to own a horse with all the talent and with any luck should be able to compete at much higher levels!


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26 November 2007
From what I know of showjumping (which may be wrong!) the stars relate to the show rating.

4* shows basically only invite riders from the FEI top 50 or so.
1* shows are more anyone can, but you will need all your FEI registration, horses, owners and any sponsors

The stars do not relate to a single class, so can't comment on heights.


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7 April 2012
It's max 140 in the first round at 1* and max 145 in the first round at 2*. But remember that's first round so over 3 rounds the jump off could be close to 160. If you're on Facebook theres a group called UKSJ which is really good and has a lot of people jumping at those levels and doing the tours etc so they could probably give you some first hand advice :) There is also plenty of stuff to jump in this country at those heights as well, HOYS qualifiers etc :)