After all the heartache, time for some good news!


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1 June 2010
Rockanje, South Holland
2015 has been a terrible year for us so far. 6 weeks ago we lost our home bred very very talented Vivaldi x Wolfgang gelding to Botulisme. He was one of 10 horses who died within 4 days of this terrible terrible disease.
The stable owner lost 3 of his own and all his liveries lost their horses! I can't describe the grief we all felt and still feel about these losses.

We can't change anything and it has broken my heart to see my daughter in so much pain over her beloved Four Seasons. she has a smile back on her face again and it is wonderful to see. The reason being.....we found a new horse for her and although it is not and never will be Four, she is very very happy with her.

Introducing Elena

look at the smile!

She is a 6 year old KWPN by Westenwind x Jazz. Very very green. She literally came out of the breeders field 4 weeks ago where she lived with her mother and 2 siblings. Only ever ridden for recreation and then only occasionally. She is a real Diamond in the rough and my daughter is over the moon with her. She says she has a WOW feeling every time she rides her.
Watch out for lots more posts about their progression.

For those of us who know a bit about us, we also still have Breitlingh (project mare for the last 3 years!). We ended up turning her away for 9 months and my daughter has her back in training now. So far the tantrums of old seem to be a thing of the past. Still very forward but now very much calmer and happier. Look forward to posting more good news about them too in the future.

I also still have Accenta, here a photo from a recent lesson (please be kind we're both still learning!)

Being used by my instructrice in her folders!


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1 August 2010
Beautiful horse and your daughter rides wonderfully micramadam!

What an absolutely devastating thing to have happened - I remember you losing your beautiful gelding but had not realised the devastation on the yard at the same time. Just awful. Well done for picking yourselves up enough to find Elena and very best wishes for your future with her :) :)