After many years of waiting... the horses are now at home!


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16 May 2005
Things have progressed very slowly due to certain issues with the property before we bought it, but finally yesterday evening I could sit drinking an ice cold beer watching my horses munch their hay from my parent's window!

It took us from 10.20am until 7.45pm to move four horses, four lots of mats, feed bins, rugs, tack and all my junk I seem to have acquired... but it was more than worth it :) This morning, I mucked out and turned out with my English Pointer following me around (a dream I have always had) and even the torrential rain couldn't dampen my spirits (although it dampened everything else!!!)

They are all a bit woo hooey about the move and their new accomodation, but hopefully they will get into a routine quickly and settle down!