Again... vibes tomorrow please?! And a realisation how awesome he is!


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14 February 2006
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Arth has his reassessment at 4pm tomorrow... He's been a really good boy to walk, only a few times have I had to use the neckstrap
but then again he likes to play bucking games when he's doing proper work and not this walking around and around in circles nonsense!

I still haven't found the name of the fancy shoes out I'm afraid, they were about £40 cheaper than the heartbars though which is always good! They have no clips at all and have some weird plasticy rubber stuff underneath (?)... can get pics if anyone wants? They look like normal shoes to me
just that the farrierrs done an excellent job of giving heels support!

Also seeing as he's not going to be evented until Barbury, the horse has not had a pole down for a year... that includes 6 novices, 2 intermediate novices (the timefaults in one were my fault!), 2 intermediates, 1 discovery, 2 newcomers, a 1m15, 1 foxhunter and a 1m30 open (but I checkened out before the jump off!)

Would love to say its me thats made the difference to his SJ as before I had him he was subject to 4 faultitis alot... but he's so easy to ride and careful that all I have to do is keep my leg on and point... and if I miss then he just jumps higher
Now to make the dressage and xc that consistant!

Bit of a pointless post I'm just fed up of not having anything to jump!


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26 November 2007
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Shall have my fingers crossed for the boy!
That is a stupidly good sj record, very jealous