Anyone want a 13.2 pony - VERY well priced!

Ambers Echo

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13 October 2017
Hope this is allowed - I am not selling him myself. I just want him to find a good home.

I used to have an awesome 13.2 Welshie. 11 yo chestnut gelding. Well bred and nicely put together. (Katie's pony before Ginny.) I sold him to a family in Devon for their daughter. She subsequently became seriously ill and he was sold to someone for the grandchildren to occasionally ride which did not suit him. He is a cheeky, busy pony who needs a job. He had a lot of time off when the girl I sold him to was too ill to ride and then more time off where he went after that. He is now on sales livery, back in work but unschooled and being sold for £1500. He was worth twice that when we sold him and could be again with a more appropriate workload and some reminders of his manners!

Pm if you know anyone who might be interested and I'll pass the details on. Competitive up to 80cm XC & SJ. Good to hack, great in traffic. Scored 70%+ unaff prelim. Has done it all - pony club camps, clinics, ODE's, Councourse D'Elegance, EquiFest, NSEA & PC Area in dressage SJ and AE. Has hunted with an 8 year old on board. Cheeky but never malicious. Bucks sometimes - and far more now than he used to - but I think that would stop with more regular work. Never naps, rears or tanks off. Affectionate and friendly.