At last - some good news for hunting


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27 July 2012
From fb: So it's "good night" to Hunting Leaks. The sabs' attempt to blackmail the Countryside Alliance isn't quite dead yet, but on Friday they quietly slipped out an announcement that from now on they will be only publishing twice a week rather than three times. Activity on their new account is a fraction of the old one, they seem to have given up on the blog that was supposed to provide the link between the Twitter account and the doxing website, and whatever happened to all those legal claims, and the firm of solicitors they had lined up that was supposedly so eager to get involved with a blackmail campaign based on stolen documents?
Still, Sabinder will miss them, as will quite a few hunting people. The documents they have published from the MFHA, Hunting Office and various other bodies have been very revealing. In recent years hunting's governing structure has come in for a lot of criticism at grass roots level: too slow to react to events, unwilling to change and adapt, reluctant to intervene where idiots on our own side are trashing hunting's reputation and making us all look bad. The documents so far published paint a very different picture. Behind the scenes a huge amount of work is going on to ensure that scent hunting with hounds will not only survive, but thrive in the twenty-first century.
Sabs and especially keyboard sabs who have been following the Hunting Leaks "revelations" must be thinking something is missing. After all these are confidential documents which were never supposed to see the light of day. Where are the arrangements for bagged foxes? References to the number of foxes killed? Where are the instructions issued to the terriermen to follow sabs home and beat them up? Where are the practical tips on how to ensure the field see lots and lots of dismembered foxes, with the admonishment that if you don't give them plenty of blood they won't come back? These things are not in the documents because they exist only inside the heads of hunting's opponents.
Hunting Leaks has poked some holes in the carefully crafted and utterly mendacious narrative that has been peddled by sabs on social media for the last few years. The leaked documents paint a picture of an activity that bears little resemblance to the one that the anti-hunting movement is getting people stirred up about. Maybe the Hunting Office is behind the whole thing...