Balancer supplement or not?


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10 April 2011
My horse - arthritic 22 yr old shire cross, so big shouldered and heavy, has lost weight he needed to and looks about right now.
He's out at grass 24/7 with one other. Occasionally taken out for a potter.
Fed morning and evening.

Been feeding him Dengie Alfa A Molasses free chaff (amount varies depending on time of year and grass available), Dengie Leisure Balancer (it has linseed in it as he's prone to dry skin) and Naff Superflex Senior. He has a bit of carrot or apple sliced on top and moistened with water.

Am struggling with how quickly he's getting through the bags of balancer as I struggle to lift them and cant buy a load due to storage issues.

Someone mentioned I could switch to balancer supplements so the question is which one and would I just increase the chaff a bit to make up for the lack of volume from the balancer? As he's a big boy its a full feed measuring cup in each meal so his bowl would seem much emptier if I switched to the supplement?

Any advice appreciated.