Barefoot question.......... technical

Miss L Toe

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6 July 2009
On the dark side, Scotland
OK, so I have been b/foot for nearly two years, this year he got an abscess, vet involved, now the frog APPEARS AS IT WOULD, if IT HAD A TEAR OR CUT IN IT [down the pointed side not on the "pad bit" though it is nether torn nor cut [the abscess worked though the frog.

I bought Jamie Jacksons book to find a few answers to barefoot trimming, and frog in particular, it is waffle and I will send it back!
Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this, I can't get a farrier at the moment and it is not a veterinary condition, ie no lameness and vets round here are not barefoot educated.


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4 March 2008
If your horse is not lame then I am not sure what you are worried about.

He had an abscess. What you are seeing now is the hole that the abscess made for itself inside the frog, which has come to the surface as it grows out.

Trim any really ragged bits if you feel you must, and keep the hole cleaned out regularly so it doesn't get to harbour a thrush infection. Other than that, forget it :)