Best all round boot for hacking??


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30 May 2014
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Have been using the woof wear ultra boot for hacking and woof wear club neoprene boot for work in the school. Used to always use the neoprene for hacking also but awhile ago had a stick go through the neoprene and puncture my horses leg (minor ish cut-but a lot of blood which was scary) hence the ultra boots as they are a bit more durable. However... They seem to make my horses legs very hot as I regularly ride for 3-4 hours ish. Ultra boots are nearing the time when they will need to be replaced, they have done well (around three years on two different horses) but I'm now looking at 'air cooled' event boots such as the premier equine ones. Would these be a bit of overkill just for hacking?? Woukd they stand up to daily wear and tear?? What does everyone else use? Am looking at best value for money really looking at protection plus longevity

Thanks in advance :)

ETA in woof wear boots he takes a large front and XL hind, would large still fit in other brands???
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