Blood 6 days after gelding

31 January 2018
Not being used to boys I've not much experience with post gelding bleeding.
My colt was gelded 6 days ago - had to be done at surgery as he was a suspected rig. Turns out the missing testicle wasn't too far away but it was far from a routine gelding.
Everything went well and they had to put some staples in, they are being removed in 4 days. He was put on ABs and Danilion (sp?). Turned out in field at the top of a hill as no flies there and with two geldings.

He dripped a bit as expected but this morning when checking he had a fair amount of dried blood on his back legs (not excessive but the most I've seen so far). He doesn't have much swelling and there was no sign of any blood flow or drips, it's all dried up again. He is well in himself and eating, drinking, pooping and peeing as normal. Still his happy self. No issues with walking, turning or any sign of anything else going on.

Is this normal? I'm thinking it may have been a clot releasing, or he has pulled a staple?

Many thanks.


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30 March 2015
Could be either of your suggestions, or something else. Why don't you give the vet a ring? Best to have it examined properly rather than risk missing something serious. :)


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30 January 2015
My vet told me not to worry if this happened with my horse last autumn. He said that as long as it stopped within twenty minutes, it was just a clot breaking and releasing everything held up behind it. He told me there might look like quite a lot of blood. Yours might have pulled out a staple, but again, if it's stopped bleeding there's little you can do about it. I wouldn't worry unless it bleeds fresh again.
5 March 2017
Our vet says that if you can count the drips, then not to worry! If it was still gushing out I would be concerned, but if it's stopped and he appears OK I would think he's OK.
That said, I'm not a vet :D so a phone call to them wouldn't hurt if you are concerned, and you can always send them a picture (gross - I know!)
11 June 2018
Thanks for all the advice folks. Sorry I didn't get to reply sooner, I had some website issues and had to rejoin the site for some reason....

Vet wasn't concerned and agreed that it was just a blood clot releasing, she came out on Wednesday and removed the staples, said all was looking good and to expect some further drainage as they had to go pretty deep to find the errant testicle.

Really appreciate the advice thanks ��