BOOM! BANG! Bouncing back on a boundlessnessly big beatie.


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17 January 2008
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(thats with an aim for an A in my English skills, taken hours!)

Well after five weeks of no riding, getting madder and madder by the day I rode! We went to see a horsie for POSSIBLE loan. 3 hours drive(whoops a bit far, but just what me and mother needed).

Anyway, he is a irish gelding, 7years old. Won over £1000 BSJA(so what grade is that?). Oh yeah...hes 17.3! Baydale I think HH has a challenger. His flat work was ok, needs work but the jumping was WOW! Jumped about 3'6 and it felt like a x-pole. What a horse. And took him for a gallop-a proper gallop it was too. totally ate up the ground.

So the owner may loan, she has someone coming to see him next week and if she has no interest by the end of the weak, we can maybe have him on a trial whwn she goes on holiday. As she says, with a bit of flatwork he could go straight in at novice-competed over 3'6 HT's-and eventing success will only improve his sale price later on.

Even if its a no thats ok, DUNCAN is coming up oh yes! Splint has gone down loads due to Radiol and he should be back at the latest in two weeks which is exciting, and Bertie should be ready at the end of June, so things are looking up!

A pic of him, none of me riding as on video-recorder at home, I will upload them if I hear any positive news, which I may not.

Cookies and milk...!