Brilliant Breitlingh's attempt at a higher level!

Four Seasons

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14 September 2011
The Netherlands
What an amazing horse I have!

Two weeks ago, I had our level-up debut planned (L1 over here). I was a nervous wreck, as Breitlingh hadn't gone that well that week before the competition. I wasn't nervous for doing leg yielding or medium canter, but just getting through the test without a rear! She is very complicated and if I ask the wrong question, she is well pee'd off and gets very angry. A mare with a 300 page manual instruction book. You have to send her a written letter with everything you want to do that day, three weeks before you even do it.

So went to Maassluis (not that y'all know the city names, haha!) and gave it a shot. She started quite well, but I was a jelly mess. My legs were wobbly and I couldn't feel my arms. And then I forgot to breathe, so I kept having to stop riding to remember myself to breathe. I was a complete mess. Really stupid though, done this level twice before with my Fjord and Ruby, but they weren't a stubborn 300 page instruction book mare.:cool:
Anyway, she eventually reared up, partly because of me and my slow reflexes, because I wasn't breathing and somebody else warming-up was smacking there horse to pieces, so Breitlingh didn't like that...

Went in the test, I all of a sudden started riding. She was fine the first test, it was just a bit bluh. I didn't go through the corners properly, canter transitions were poor, the details just weren't there.
Second test she started off very stressy, but managed to calm her down throughout the test. For me it felt like an average test, nothing great, but not that bad. AND YIPPYYYY SHE DIDN'T REAR IN THE TESTS!

So..... we got both test above the 65%!! Second and first place! An amazing 9 for her extended trots and 8's for leg yielding! Yeah dude.:cool:

Last Saturday we had the "Kring Selecties" (meaning Regional Championship selections). It was a busy class we were in, with some amazing horses!
During the warm-up, she felt relaxed, supple and she was really going well! First test was a bit sloppy, due to me being a nervous wreck again. Wasn't bad, but wasn't great. Got 63,..% for that, wasn't worth much more.
Second test.... Breitlingh felt amazing! I have never been able to steer her around so smooth and supple in a test before! The extended walk was rushed (my fault), a mistake in a canter transitition and not showing enough difference between working canter and medium canter was the only real mistakes I made... just keeping me out of the top 3. I came fourth with 66,..%! I definitely thought it was worth more, but this judge had a completely different taste than last weeks judge. Thats dressage....

I have the second test on film! The first test aswell, but for some reason it just shows black all the time.:( Very very pleased how far we have come on since the beginning!

The next outing is the 28th of December. We are driving all the way up to Friesland (yes, where Friesians come from) to try out for the Bit Talent-days! The Bit is a huge magazine over here and every year they so talent scouting. We are getting a 15 minute lesson off Adelinde Cornelissen!!!!! Whoop whoop!!! Thumbs up, maybe she shes something in me and Breitlingh!

Just a quite funny pic of Breitlingh!

(Ooooh and completely forgotten.... new horsey is here!!! Accenta is beautiful!!)


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28 May 2009
Beautiful test :) I thought she was going to accelerate to the moon when you popped into canter on the left rein!! Lovely pics too, thanks for sharing :)


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27 January 2009
She looks great, a real transformation from when you first got her! Best of luck with the Talent-day and yes, we definitely need a report!!