Bromonts again - where do they stretch?


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6 April 2008
East Sussex
Hi guys,

I've been dreaming of Bromonts for ages but have always found them nigh on impossible to get the right fit for me. However, whilst shelling out for some for my daughter today, and with tears rolling down my face as I pulled out my purse :p I thought I'd have another go at finding a pair for me.

So, my question is: assuming they do stretch (did a search on here), would this be over the foot and in the calf width? And roughly how long would it take if I wore them around the house to start with (thinking I could return them if they hurt after a couple of tries).

My feet always feel squashed over the top and even with the elastic laces I felt pressure there and just can't face throbbing then numb feet, and with much help I got the zips up and although they didn't hurt I envisioned the blood stopping getting to my brain before too long (or was that just the thought of paying for them?:D )

I found the sizing generous and got into a 7, but don't really want to go up in leg size as I have skinny knees and boots end up looking like wellies around the top.

My other Ariats (yard boots and zip up short Bromonts to wear with chaps) have all stretched in the foot relatively soon.

Thank you everyone - much appreciated. If I get them I'll send you a recording of me purring over them and promise to wipe the dribble off first :D


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26 July 2008
I have 2 pairs, one insulated that I wear every day and one non-insulated that I only wear at shows. The everyday ones have stretched in the foot and ankle but I've had them since they first went on sale (years!) so I can't really remember how long that took I'm afraid :eek: The others are still pretty snug on the foot. Calves have given a bit - when I first bought them they were a little tight behind the knee but they are perfect now.

I don't remember the foot being tight when I bought them though, more a case of they are a bit loose on me now (spur straps are tighter than boots!) Numb feet sounds a bit iffy :( especially at the price.