Buying from the Netherlands

8 July 2012
Hi, just asking for some general advice about buying from Holland. I spent some time at a dealing yard out there last summer, so i know some of the things i need to watch out for, but my main question is where do you stand once you have paid for the horse.
I will have xrays etc done, but is it possible to have vets check the blood when it is taken, or would this possibly take months to do? I know in England we don't have it checked unless horse has been brought home and suddenly gone lame, but what if i get it home and it starts windsucking, basically do you have the same rights as you do buying from a dealer in England?
Please no 'advice' telling me to just buy in England. I'm trying to way up the risks before I make any viewing decisions. It will not just be a hacking/ fun horse, I'm looking for a new young showjumper and am struggling in England.
Thanks, Katryn


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18 July 2006
Sadly like all sales it's buyers beware! However big yards in Holland probably have the same 2 week exchange policy maybe ask them if you buy from a dealer. However privately like over here or anywhere it's at your own risk. I've bought 4 from Holland and never had 1 single problem. Including when one of mine got a small cut after I had paid deposit, the yard paid for its stitches at the vets and the vet even did an extra x ray for me to be sure it was all ok (small superficial cut on fetlock) before it was shipped over- couldn't have been more helpful! Horse is truly awesome.
Go for it, best of luck! Just stay smart and wise! Best buy from a reputable dealer IMO.