Can anyone find me a nice safe cob?


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2 June 2008
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Hubby announced today he would love to learn to ride. yay!

I am slightly miffed, however, as only a matter of months ago I sold my bombproof cob, as I had got my confidence back, and bought a TBxHanovarian to do a bit of everything with.

Anyway, long and short of it is hubby wouldn't be able to learn on either of my two (warmblood is just to sharp and TBx is too forward going). I'd also like to have a cob again, to plod around the roads on.

I'm looking for 15.2 ish, pref gelding. Suitable for a learner and bombproof on the roads. Budget up to about £2000 (not huge budget I know) Not too much to ask?


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9 September 2008
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God at that height and that price range unless you are happy for unbroken they are like gold dust!!

How about this one only 15.1HH and up at £2500 (but you can always try to haggle!!) would have to clarify the forward going fun ride bit!

Scroll down to advert:
15.1hh Coloured Irish Cob Gelding
Price: £2,500
Location: Wiltshire
Reference Number: 8408p
8yrs, 100% shoe, box, clip etc. Forward going, fun ride - happliy hacks alone or in company. Won and placed SJ at local level. Genuine all round fun horse. Lack of time forces sale