Can't believe my day


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10 August 2005
London - Essex side
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Well, I still can't believe it - I am still waiting to wake up and find I dreamt it. Stinky and I went to our first county show, blind leading the blind. I had already qualified for WCC so the aim was to get some experience and see things.

The weather at Herts was fantastic - bit too much sun and OH looks a bit crispy today.

In hand - to my delight we came third out of eight - I was so pleased as usual he was the smallest horse and the only hairy.

Ridden - open horse/pony - there were seven in the class and he was on form, really powering along, I paniced a bit on my show, never been in such a big ring and WH jumps everywhere, and I had to go first. Well he was a star and we won

He was now rather tired for the championship which was our open class and the two RIHS classes so I came in on the end to keep out of folks way, he picked up again and did a fairly nice gallop. We were all pulled in - and he came reserve

All thanks again to my mentor/showing instructor Sarah - she has helped me so much and given me confidence to have a go at higher stuff. I really think I might now have a go at RIHS next year now.

I don't care what we now do this year - he has done everything I dreamed of now.

Finally I could not get a programme on the day - does anyone have a copy of the coloured section I could beg, borrow or steal?