Chased by a tractor, ambushed by a plastic sheet...........


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20 February 2009
W. Yorks
.......and she kept her cool!
I think this is the result of having my saddle reflocked. My mare has previously been easily spooked by tractors and has almost always refused to go past anything that sister's horse took fright at. BUT yesterday evening we went out for the first hack since getting my saddle back and she went SOOOOO much more freely. She barely noticed the tractor, even though he was getting a bit near before we turned off and she was at the back, and when sister's mare objected quite strongly to passing some dumped builder's rubble with accompanying plastic sheet, she just walked past her and led the way home.

The fresh grass in the new field might have had something to do with it as well.


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7 April 2008
It's hard to believe it could make such a difference but it does! After a month off, a physio visit and the saddler out three times my lad went out a couple of days ago for the first time, and I couldn't believe it was the same horse. No spooking, no spinning, no jamming on the brakes... forward going and much free-er in his action.
**big grin**