Check ligament :(


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18 January 2012

This is more to share with people who understand than for any real advice, but 2 months post check ligament injury Ive had to chuck my small brown pony back out with the herd.

He injured himself on stable rest, so went in a pen. He injured himself on his own in the pen so gave him a friend. All was well for 7 weeks, then his friend had to go back out.

Cue pony having a breakdown - not like he was on his own either, put another of his field buddies in!

Ok...plan B. Grass strip with new friend. Fine for 24 hours. Then the fence walking starts. Then he breaks the fence and goes for a hoon. ARGH! Sound, but there is puffyness back in the ligament again. :(

Day 3 of plan B after 15 sedalin. Back legs bleeding and a broken fence. Looks like he double barrelled at it.

So cant keep him quiet in confined space and hes doing too much damage to himself so have turned him out with the herd.

Fingers crossed for him. Sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what you have. I so wish you could tell them. :(


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12 August 2016
I feel your pain, my poor mare was on box rest for the best part of 12 months cos she kept setting herself back. Got off the lead (Stupid quick release rope quick released when it shouldn't have) on one of our walking sessions and went for an epic hoon around thinking this was the best fun ever. set us back again.

She's now a good 5 years out and has been back in work since then and holding up really well, but I babied the life off her after her hooning and we are back jumping (not high but she is well able, I'm not!) and enjoying life.

Stick at it, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Healing vibes his way, and hugs for you.