Chihuahua trouble windpipe collapsing...


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1 February 2005
N Ireland
Hi everyone,

My wee chihuahua has been having problems recently with this choking like behaviour anyway took her to vets and he gave anti biotics to rule out infection back on wed night no better so they decided to scope her yesterday and do xrays etc,

Anyway turns out she has a condition causing her windpipe to collapse, it is fairly common in this type of dog but as she is only 1 and this is a progressive condition added to the fact she is already quite bad with it (even does it in her sleep) vet has given her steroid injection and anti inflamatory drugs, he did say there was an op that could be done but it was not a long term solution and she would need to go to a specialist about it, he also said that the tablets sometimes can be a viscious sp circle and cause more problems in long term too? I am jsut at a loss and hubby and I are gutted

Does anyone know any good animal specialists in this field? I am in Northern Ireland but will to travel to England?

Thanks in Advance