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Black Beastie

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7 July 2008
So this has been an eventful week for us. Mainly not planned but he’s such a good wee lad and very happy to oblige once he’s engaged. :D

So we had a very scary blue pallet leaning against the wall of the barn on the way to his stable, he was bracing and snorting and spooking at it. He nearly Knocked the YO over spooking at it. :oops:

So I put it on the ground and we played with it for 20mins. Result? Well I’ll let the vid speak for itself ;)

Also his ex racer friend is back in the field now it’s been rolled, he’s newly barefoot so the rutted hard clay was t helping him. Fields been rolled now after this rain so he’s much happier.

He’s getting a bit fresh with his legs is all I’ll say :p

72631D51-67BD-40ED-BA80-ECA27EC14A7D.jpeg ED65C591-0154-4607-A0E7-DD22B607237A.jpeg A660A97A-0057-485C-8A64-804F86AC54DF.jpeg 891BB1AE-5F73-47E8-B58E-A3C858399F9C.jpeg A30C4CB0-CBE1-4348-866F-AABE60350BE8.jpeg DF1DAAEB-216D-403E-A6AE-E70270A1C9B0.jpeg 13D2D113-06F7-49EC-972E-DB417FEFC1FE.jpeg 4266265D-F967-4105-BFC6-0F1F10F15A4A.jpeg

Vid of them running about