Clever pony!!


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9 December 2005
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Let Emma, Sally and my mum play down the yard as Emma is back to school soon, and I get to play with Dorey when she's away...

Anyways, asked if anyone had ridden her... my mum took a deep breath.. uhoh I thought...

Anyways, turns out that not only had Sally and Emma ridden her, and she'd behaved, but then the YM's mum had a ride too!!! Meep!!! she's only been there since 10:30pm thursday night and already other people are riding her!!!

She was as good as gold too, not even that nasty turkey who hides behind one of the walls in the school could upset her.

She's also got a whole ton of friends in the field, bless her

Glad she's settled well so quickly

Now, to find another home!! Grr!! Crazy ponies!!