Clicky TMJ after Dentist


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29 September 2013
My daughter's 19 year old pony had her teeth done recently. The vet used the power tool (didn't ask me first) to rasp her teeth, and during a final check she quite forcefully moved her upper and lower jaws in opposite directions.

Since then the pony has had quite pronounced clicking in her TMJ. She's eating ok but I'm not sure what to do. I get TMJ issues after every dental appointment too and I know it can be quite sore.

Would a few days of bute and soaked grass nuts instead of hay to see if it settles itself be ok do you think? After which maybe get a chiro to have a look?

I'm not minded to get the vet back at this point in all honesty! 😡


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31 December 2008
I would suspect that power tools are considered so ubiquitous these days that it doesn't get asked about, especially as it is often less strain on the horse to use one.
F always struggles with dental appointments because he bites down on the gag (and we suspect some arthritis) as well as having fairly rubbish teeth but if she is eating ok I wouldn't worry and see if it settles.