Clipping pony who lives out

27 December 2018
My Welsh Sec A has a very thick coat & lives out. He has shelter & I bring him in with the worst weather. My daughter started riding him last year but it quickly became apparent that my no rug policy (as he’s a good dooer) hasn’t worked for the riding side. I’m thinking of clipping him & rugging. The key thing I’m bothered about is over rugging as I think he may still get too warm even with a nonfill rug & a belly & bib clip which would be my choice as only in occasional work. Should I take more hair off? Or I wondered what suggestions people may have in their experience.

be positive

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9 July 2011
Most natives will be fine in everything other than the worst weather having a low bib and girth area, the places that sweat the most, and being left without a rug, I would take off the minimum and see how he is you can always take more off if required but you cannot stick it back on, if you want to rug to keep clean then a no fill should be fine if it is a good one and he has shelter anyway if the rain gets very heavy.