Competition venues in N.Surrey and S.Bucks - recommendations for volunteering

2 January 2018
The volunteering thread got me thinking that now is as good a time as any to ask: any recommendations for competition venues in the aforementioned areas, known for not treating volunteers awfully, that I could do some dressage writing and fence judging at? Would go to the local riding club but seems a bit weird to volunteer for events which are members only, and Pachesham never seems to be looking for volunteers.
24 November 2010
The yard, home or coal face.....
Riding clubs will always snatch your arm off at events! Its just getting to a quieter time of year tho now for RC comps.
The likes of Merrist Wood and Parwood spring to mind, both have their own events but also hire to clubs etc, possibly worth popping a message across to see if they keep a volunteers list (tho I'd personally swerve junior BS events as a good number of the parents can be vile to deal with if you have a non hidden job!).
Tweseldown keep a volunteer list, again its worth contacting them but less events now yill next year.