Crazy stomach gurgling/twitching!


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26 July 2006
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So my mares stomach was going crazy tonight - I have never seen any stomach do this. Seriously thought she was going to colic or something nasty but *touch wood* she's okay.

Her stomach was making load grumbling noises (like mine does wen i'm ungry, and the same as hers did when she was on haylage which is intolerant to) but at the same time was twitching around her flank, like there was something bubbling in her stomach

She had no colicy symptoms and scoffed up her dinner (for once!) and was fine in herself so she's back out (rather not keep her in as had no bed and only haylage which would only make matters worse) will check on her in the morning though.

Has anyone experienced something similar? She's a post colic surgery mare..who we're 99% sure as gastric ulcers and is awaiting treatment/confirmed diagnosis.

Bit of a rambly post but it was very odd! Happened 3 times, once before riding, twice after.

Em x