Cross Country PROBLEM

27 April 2010
Northern Ireland
i have a 15.2 connemara x which i event he is the most amazing horse ive sat on !!
A yaer ago i was out xc and i came to a jump up with a log on top of it with a drop at the other end followed by a a skinny he jumped it fantasticly !!
but when i came back to the lorry he had hit him self (i now figured from pics it was that xc fence i mentioned) so he went out for 4-7 months when he came back he had lost alot of confidence he is now starting to run out at corners and skinnys and before the accident he jumped many 1* corners and skinnys..
No matter how much leg i put on or what ever i do he still seems to stop or run out ive built skinnys at home and put guidence poles on it and he still freaked out at it !!

so has anyone got any tips on how i could get him over the fear ???


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15 April 2008
At the lucinda Green clinic, we all started with skinnies no higher than 1'. Then got progressively bigger. It worked really well as the tiny jumps, you just walked or trotted into & never allowed them to run out or stop. The golden rule was to keep asking and make them go through or knock it down (they were show jumps) then allow them to learn to refuse or run out.

Good luck.


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9 March 2008
yeah, another connie fan here :)

not sure if only_me is thinking the same thing as me, but you could try getting him to go over skinnies from the ground (I'm quite into doing groundwork natural horsemanship style - tho don't worry, I'm not a parelli freak, just normal lungeing kinda stuff but without any gadgetry that would hold the horse's head down)

Also, as already said, get his confidence back by starting really really small (tho watch out in case you go so small that he doesn't realise it's a jump - I've done that before to my lad and he just didn't understand the question at all, he thought I was just trying to run him into a ramdom object on the floor!).

Good luck and go connie!