Customer service - a day of two halves


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6 April 2008
East Sussex
I seem to be fighting the fight every day at the moment what with one thing and another but c'est la vie...Today I had to sort out two things:

1. My Equilibrium massage pad is not working properly. I emailed them to say it was cutting out and could it be serviced? Their reply was "Sorry it is out of warranty (they didn't know how old it was before replying to me) so we can't service it. We suggest you try an electrician". Literally that was their reply. Now I wasn't expecting a gushing reply full of handy hints and a Freepost address but was hoping for "we could have a look at it for £20 and give you a quote for repair", or "try these people at...". Won't be buying from them again :mad:

2. With Badminton cancelled I found myself with two nights at the Angel Hotel in Chippenham which I had booked far in advance on a special deal, allowing for no cancellation or transfer to other dates. Thinking my £240 was lost, I sent them a begging email asking if we could move it next year.... Not really holding out any hope at all but following the if you don't ask you don't get line I was seriously delighted to get their email saying they would either offer me 2 other nights this year or carry 50% over to next year's Badminton booking :D:D . Now that's what I call good customer service!!

There you go, now I'm off to fight the next fight :)