Dapple Grey - Freddie, Sold from Lawsons, Ilkley 1986ish


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4 October 2004
West Yorkshire
This is a very very very long shot, but I used to ride a pony called Freddie.
He was a dappled grey middlewight, full up 12.2hh Welsh Cross Gelding, about 12 years old.
He had a wide 'snip' on his nose, where his skin was pink, otherwise he was dark skinned. I think his front hooves were also white.
He was sold by Lawsons (now Ilkley Riding Centre) in about 1986 - being sent to sell from a private home, with another horse.
He had suffered Laminitis in the past, would buck/bronch - although stopped doing that when I learnt to sit them, and could also be difficult to catch, again stopped doing that with me.
He had a cracking jump in him.
I realise he will not be with us anymore, but I still think about him, and often wonder what became of him in his twighlight years.
Any info would be welcome, however i realise this is not a lot of information to go on.