Diet for senior horse that lives out


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10 April 2011
I have a 22 yr old shire cross. He's 16 hands, usually a good doer. Vet has said he has start of arthritis on top of some existing old ligament issues and side bone so he is not in work as such but vet said some more movement/exercise would be good - guided by his reaction to it, just in walk, occasional trot if he feels like it.

Took him out at weekend about 15 mins for first time in ages and he's been more spritely in the field since so seems to have enjoyed it!

He lives out all year, he's got paddocks we rotate him and his field mate between then morning and eve he gets a haynet, and he gets two decent handfuls of Thunderbrooks healthy herbal chaff, about 100g of ground linseed and his Naf flexi joint supplement and a small amount of fresh fruit or veg all moistened with water.

I'm just aware that his needs might be changing as he ages and wondered if that was enough vitamins/minerals etc for him?