Do Dealers do part exchanges?


31 May 2009
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Last year I was involved in a motor bike accident which has left me permanently weak in my left arm and shoulder. I have only just started back riding regularly and have been going over to a friend's yard to ride her quiet horses for the past 3 months. The problem I have is that my 16 hh, 7 year old gelding is very powerful and strong and I am frightened to even think about riding him again. He really is what they call 'a man's horse' but when I was well I didn't mind the challenge, although even then I could feel over horsed sometimes.

I need to find a new home for my gelding, now I know my shoulder is not going to go back to normal but I am wary of selling him and then looking at lots of horses again. I was wondering if I would be better doing to a reputable dealer and explaining my problem and letting them find me a nice horse and taking my gelding to school on and sell. Does this make sense? If so, does anyone know any really good dealers in Devon, Dorset, Somerset or Cornwall they could recommend me? I do not fancy just picking someone from the Yellow Pages at random.


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27 June 2008
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Dealers do part-exchange horses. Most are unlikely to take something on that they have to school though; they have to make their money and to have a horse staying in their yard and not making the cash flow is not ideal, unless they worked it so the horse to them was super cheap and they know they are likely to get a good price, but in today's market...

Can you not sell privately (and thereby have a good chance of getting a home you're happy with for your ned), then going to a dealer and asking for them to find you a new horse?

Sorry to hear about the accident