Dog Walking As A Profession?


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11 March 2013
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Hi All,
Looking for some advice/information. (Good and Bad!) Saw a job advertised recently for dog walkers/sitters. As I'm "between" jobs at the mo, decided to apply. I've got an interview this weekend. Looked at their website and they appear to be a very professional company. It's a self-employed casual job, so I don't expect to get rich! Any of you out there do this as a job? What's it like? Thought I'd try and get some insider information before I commit!


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6 July 2010
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A friend has a company which she has built up and now employs three people. Her area is rich and she has managed to hit a very good market. She trains dogs while walking them and also does training sessions at peoples' homes and when she has the dogs in day care at her house. The dogs do not go off the lead while out unless she knows them really well and they can be trusted.

I would hope that any dog walker would know a bit about body language and to try to instill good habits into the dog while it's being walked.

My mate ensures the dogs are clean when they go home. She drives them back and forth and to the groomer if needed.

The bad might be that an out of control dog approaches you with clients' dogs, who knows how your dogs might react. You might get a breed you don't like, I suppose.
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