Dressage - and questions! xD


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30 May 2009
Shropshire, England.
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Did my first dressage test on my new horseh today, and... well, it could have been worse I guess! Only prelim, unaffiliated, but we have to start somewhere, don't think he's done much more than maybe a few schooling sessions and some jumping before, and I've only been schooling him since we moved yards 3 weeks ago!

Anyway, he warmed up pretty well - though didn't want to go on his right leading leg at all, which I found unusual because he's been really good about it recently. He just didn't want to try and totally ignored my aids, but was fine about everything else :/
Any tips? Never ever had such a problem dealing with incorrect leads before, usually get it sorted pretty fast, but he seems to always fine some way of ducking round my aids and striking off incorrect....

So, we finally got into the arena, and we were in the indoor which he'd never been in before, and the moment the door closed he decided to try and deafen us with his very girly whinny because apparently everyone had disappeared... *rolls eyes* of course... let him look round and he figured that nothing was going to eat him and he didn't really miss his friends that much anyway and he soon shut up :p

We started our test Prelim 12, and considering the fact that he was still very tense, I was really pleased. I'd say his main problem was the canter - I think that test is pretty twisty and we found it difficult to get the strike offs resulting in getting the wrong lead once, so I let him trot until we reached the circle, asked again and got it, and then he backed off my leg on the other rein and broke into trot, then cantered again.

But mostly 6s and 7s! (except two 4s for our not-so-wonderful cantering xP and two 5s at the very end) so I'm very proud of the silleh Marshmellow xD

Oh, and the other comment we got that I'd like to work on was that his free walk on a long rein was active, but he needed to stretch more. I've found this when we're schooling too, he has a brilliant walk and the stride is all there, but he doesn't really want to stretch much, anything I can do to improve this?

In the end we got 59.6%, which for his first time (and he's only just turned 5 after all) and my first in 18months or so, I don't think's half bad
Something to improve on anyway!