Dressage Comp. report!!


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29 August 2005
Went to a practice comp for pc area dressage today. I rode christian and i haven't ridden him for aaaaaaaages!! Me and little sis shared him today. Made me realise how much i miss him
I did the area test, Rosie did novice challenge. I have never done it before so a bit of a milstone as it was quite difficult!!


got there like massively late at like 9.45 and i was meant to be in at 9.46! and my warm u time was 9.15!! anyway they were really understanding luckily for me! i went in and warmed up and he warmed up quite well. His canter work was overbent but not as bad as usual, so we rushed through the warm up and went in, a little behind schedule!

He did the test quite well i thought. He wasa little distracted for the first half cos his buddy had just left to stand in the other field. His trot work was a little bit rushed i thought. the judge said we needed to show more of a difference in the medium trot strides. His walk was sh*ite lets not go there, but his canter was lovely as ever, and he did some gorge simple changes (which we had to do through WALK!! I was well pissed off) and i got a n 8!!- for my walk to canter transition! i was well chuffed! so anyway it turned out ok.

Anyway turns out we won!!!! hehe!! i got something like 65% which i was pleased with since it was my first time doing the test. Rosie came 4th in her class i think, so she was happy to!
Christian was such a good boy!!!

Piks in the gallery shortly....