East Sussex/Surrey/Kent Borders - Livery?


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28 July 2008
Kent/Sussex Borders

As title - we might be relocating to the East Sussex/Surrey borders next year as I have a new job. Can anyone advise for or against any yards between north of East Sussex/south of Surrey and Kent? Perhaps in the area around Royal Tunbridge Wells and Ashdown Forest?

Requirements are -

- Part livery
- Year round turnout (easy to do gelding who can go out with anyone)
- Hacking (tbh I think I'll be spoilt for hacking in this area, compared to where I've before always been based in/around London!)
- Decent all-weather school
- MUST be outdoor stables - no barns due to my horse having asthma/RAO/COPD
- Option for non-straw bedding (asthma)

Any additional bells and whistles like a horse walker etc would be excellent. Standard of care, good turnout, good forage ration of the utmost importance.

Please let me know via PM if you would prefer, and please let me know if any are to be avoided - I've had horrendous experiences with yards before and if any should be avoided I would be very grateful to be told!

Thanks in advance :)


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9 May 2007
Chelwood Equestrian on Ashdown Forest is rather nice! TW doesn't really have any livery yards anymore. Ketches Farm in Crowborough.