Equi travel safe


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17 August 2008
Heavans - what happens in an accident? Can rescuers cut the horse free? I presume he can't free himself in a panic as that would defeat the point. I can understand it has developed in response to the problem with those types of lorries but I would worry that restraining the horse in something he cannot break out of will cause just as many problems as the risk of him getting over that bar. Butt then I don't own one of these lorries or allow my horses to travel in them. I can understand if you have made that massive investment in wanting to make your horse safer in an inherantly unsafe design.


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16 July 2015
Yes we bought & use one all the time with one pony - its been a godsend we have a 6.5 tonne forward facing lorry & having had her attempt to jump over partition which was one of the most scariest incidents I have had I never wanted to give her the opportunity again! I did research a lot about how to resolve the issue but wasn't comfortable putting bars or barriers up - I did get our breast bar raised at the same time as having the equisafe fitted.
I always travel with sedative which I wouldn't hesitate to use if an incident arose.
Ive never really thought about your comment Shay - but thank you as I now know what I would do - I always have pair of scissors in my vet bag on the lorry & I would cut through the strap which is like a seat belt strap obviously if it didn't put myself or horse in any more danger. In my mind you have to weigh up the likelihood of being in an accident as described by Shay or the higher likelihood of finding yourself with your horse stuck over the partition or worse & having to call the fire brigade to cut the horse out!
Initially our pony did try to jump up again but once she realized she couldn't she doesn't bother anymore. We wouldn't travel anywhere without a camera checking her though & we don't mess about either end as shes still learning what its all about.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending to anybody.