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17 March 2005
South Yorkshire
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Right ive decided Chantin must have a new routine as the one shes got atm doesnt seem to suit her. So shes in on a night and out in the day rather than out 24/7. Shes been getting rather stressed in the stable and sweats up like mad. So tried a feel good 30 calmer and it didnt work for her.
So decided to speak to vet to see if he can give me anything that will definitley work. Hes given me some Equiliser to help Chantin. Says quite a few people use it for horses on box rest and exuberant youngsters coming into work.

So does anyone use it? do you like it? if so what are the reasons you give it to your horse.
Ive tried a few calmers and they dont seem to help her. Fingers crossed this one will.