Equitrek Space Treka's - are they any good?


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12 August 2008
Am seriously considering selling our Cheval Liberte XL Gold trailer as although its the larger model, it just doesn't seem wide enough for our two warmbloods. Have been discussing it with the OH and he would like to go for a rear facing trailer (sadly a lorry is a no no for him), so have been having a quick look online and wondering about the Equi-trek Space Treka L (we have a 16.2h long as a boat mare and a 17h compact gelding to travel together)

Has anyone had any experiences of these trailers and are they any good, do they give a smooth ride and what is the build quality like?

Would be really interested to hear of your experiences.


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16 December 2005
I have a fussy traveller so had to go down this route. I have the L model for a 16h ISH and 15.1 cob. We bought it brand new 3 years ago.

There is loads of space and they both travel well either together or alone. Last week I travelled a 12.2 and 3 miniature shetlands just a couple of miles, and they all fitted side by side. :D

I haven't had any problems with the build quality. I also keep it imaculate as they do hold their value even though they get slated on here.