Fantastic result - BRC horsetrial champs...


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2 December 2005
What a weekend we have had! I was at the junior national british riding club champs.

My friend went first with her dressage in her areana and what looked like a lovely test definatley was as she scored 28.6 the best score out off everyone in the event and her areana! Then the other girl in the team went on her horse who doesnt really like dressage but she came out with a huge grin on her face to go onto produce another great score of 32.8!
I then went in and jack did his normal consistent test which i was pleased with. My mum dad and friend were outside the areana and the judge was driving past them after i had finished and stopped the car and said "what a super test that was and a brilliant little jockey, she can ride my horses anytime!" well they were over the moon and when they told me i nearly fell off jack!! I got a score of 31.0 i was very pleased with and i was winning my arena. The younger member of our team who was only 11 did a good score of 44.5 which was a good score for a younger member.

So we knew with 2 people winning there arenas we had to produce some clear rounds as we all had good scores.
we had 3 clears and one 4 faulter !!

Xc was looking promising if we could pull of clears and stay within hte tight timing and take the "nasty" direct routes.

3 clears and the younger member eliminated. Me and my friend who was also winning her arena were clear and inside the time. But the other girl was clear but very very fast so she built up some penalties.

But that still put us in the lead and our "beccles and bungay" riding club won by 17 points in the lead!!!!
We were alll sooooooooo pleased!

Georgie (my friend) won the whole event and her arena! I won my arena and came 3rd overall!

I still cannot believe what we have acheived and dont think i will for a long time!

Pics will be on soon and look out for us in the horse and hound (i think)

Thanks for reading!

A very pleased rachael x