Farewell my lovely Jonna


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23 September 2021
Oh, Finn - I'm so, so sorry for the loss of your lovely dog. Her pictures show what a beautiful person she was.
Your sister sounds like a selfish, self-centred creature. "Where it ain't, you can't find it", as my grandmother used to say.
Please take great care of yourself. You are the owner any animal would be blessed to have.
Deep condolences.


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12 August 2017
I'm sorry FL that your sister and some of her children don't seem to understand how much Jonna meant (and still means) to you, despite the fact that it sounds like it was pretty obvious. I was devastated when I lost my last dog a year ago, and it was made harder by the fact that I didn't really have anyone IRL who understood what she had meant to me. My immediate family were sympathetic but assumed I'd just go out and buy another one (I haven't yet for various reasons). She was my closest friend and I'm still struggling without her, but sadly a lot of humans don't seem to realise what animals mean to some of us, particularly the few very special animals that come into our lives.

It is particularly hard when you don't have children, and some parents (mainly those without animals themselves) seem to think that loosing a pet is nothing compared with the possibility of loosing a child/family member, so should be 'got over' quickly. Love and grief are different for all of us, and it's a shame that some people don't take time out to support friends/relatives in their grief even if they don't understand it.

The love and care that you gave Jonna in her lifetime will have been the most important things to her. I hope you are able to get kinder support from your other relatives/friends at this difficult time.


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18 September 2007
Families. They can be the most caring and yet the cruelest of people.

It is just an animal does not cover what they mean to us. I think unless they have lived day in and day out with one, then it is only a part time friendship. They feel sad at someone elses loss but not really knowing how deep the hurt goes.