Feeding my thoroughbred

3 March 2021

I have a 14 year old TB and to be fair he holds weight quiet well.
Looking for feed that will help him keep his weight but he is also in full time work so something for energy but without the fizz.
He is currently on Page and Allen cool and calm, with the fast fibre mixed in. I have been told to add in either Equerry mash or Page and Allen calm and collected to this mix.
Just wondering on any thoughts?

he also gets supplements but they’ve been given by the vet so don’t need any changed to them.
19 October 2021
I don’t feed any of the above but I took mine off fast fibre and move him over to pink mash about 2 years ago and his done really well on it, then added the baileys performance balancer. They are both low starch and sugar to. Also ease and excel I’ve seen lots of people add if they need a bit more energy. My horse is in full work and is on Pink mash, performance balancer and thunderbrooks chaff & his supplements. His sharp so I wanted contained energy and that’s been really good for him!


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3 April 2003
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I never quite get the logic of adding extra 'complete feeds' to existing 'complete feeds'! If the 'complete feed' you are feeding doesn't have the calories/energy you require then just swap it out for a feed that fits your requirements better!

I'd definitely drop the Fast Fibre as that is a low calorie feed for good doers. I can't find an Allen & Page feed called 'Cool and Calm' so I'm not quite sure of the nutritional content of what you are feeding at the moment which makes it difficult to advise!


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26 July 2008
My 11yo skinny one did well on ease and excel when in work. at the moment he's just getting sugar beet with some grass nuts thrown in and lots of hay, looks brilliant. the E&E seemed to help increase his appetite for forage which helped lots.
My 3yo is doing no work and looks great on hay and a balancer, I'll intend to keep to this as he comes into work and see how we go.