Feeling disheartened!


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7 October 2014
Not really a question, sorry! But any advice welcome!!

Have been trying to find a horse to loan over summer for over a month now with no luck!! I'm at university many miles away from home, and have a break of 3 1/2 months over Summer at home. I lost my old loan horse last year, before leaving for uni, so haven't had a 'horseless' Summer in a long time!
Tried looking for part & full loans within reasonable distance from me, and haven't found any at all!
The yard where I kept my old loan horse is lovely, so turned to trying to find a horse to full loan, to move to this yard - but still no luck :( Have searched for up to 100 miles away from me, as have my own trailer, but no one will let their horse move yards, especially just for a few months. Have even tried messaging people with horses for sale, that say they desperately need to go etc, but nothing!

I fully understand this; there's so many horror stories out there of loaners disappearing with horses etc (unfortunately!), along with the fact that owners would miss their horses! But as I've said, no part/full loans in my area, I have a job during the day so can't volunteer at a riding school or something.

Sorry for the rant, but feeling very saddened by the prospect of bumming a few rides off friends and that's all this Summer! :( my horses in the past have all been so so loved, and I just want a horse to pamper and enjoy and have fun with over Summer (this is the first time I'll have access to a trailer too, so had my heart set on going out to fun rides, shows etc!) Wish I could loan longer/buy, but have to go back to university in September/October unfortunately - oh well :( :(

ps - if anyone has a horse they don't mind sending over to Birmingham, let me know hehehe!


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5 January 2008
I think your issue is less to do with fear of putting their horse on loan and more to do with the fact you are looking to loan a horse over summer which is arguably a time when people have more time for their horses due to lighter evenings. Essentially you're offering to hand back their horse just in time for winter, which for most won't be an appealing proposition.

Could you perhaps volunteer to help at an RDA centre instead? The one near us offers rides in exchange for help and would look great on your CV too.


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25 May 2010
I agree with festive fuzz, why would anyone give up their horse for summer when evenings are light, horses cheaper to keep and better weather. They'd then have all the chores and cost back for winter, let alone trying to find a stable at that time if year when everyone is wanting to bring their horses in.

A share would be far more likely or possible. Try popping in to large local yards and asking, if someone meets you it might sway their decision to having a sharer. Lots don't advertise. Another option is approaching local equine collages. Moreton morrell used to loan school horses out for summer with references. Riding schools often run shares on school horses. You might find a hunter to exercise.