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Feeling excited, FINALLY found a new horse

22 May 2020
I’ve been searching for a new horse for a while now with no joy. About a month ago I thought I was sorted, found a nice little over height Connie mare who seemed perfect. I was very excited and even posted on here for advice as I’d never owned a Connie before.
cut a long story short, the seller messed me about something rotten. She was selling, then she wasn’t, then she wanted to loan, then sell, then her mom wanted her to keep the horse etc etc. In the end I gave up, I just couldn’t deal with being messed around.
back to the search.

Today I’ve been to view the most fabulous Welsh D gelding, who is owned by a friend of a friend (it’s a very small world apparently lol)
the viewing was terrible lol, I’ve pulled a muscle in my back so was in pain so didn’t plan on trying him (owner had already told me she would ride him) I turned up in jeans and trainers, completely unprepared to ride (very unprofessional I know 😜)
saw him ridden, was talked into getting on (I’ll never ride in trainers again!) rode like a sack of spuds (hate viewings, I feel so on the spot) asked for trot, ended up cantering round the school and couldn’t find his brakes 😱 Again, very professional 😂
but I’m pleased to say despite all that, owner who is absolutely lovely has agreed that we can take him on full, permanent loan 😍
so as a new welsh D owner (sort of) any advice? Good, bad or ugly 😉