First time out in a long time


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4 November 2013
Hi all,

After having a very bad acident last year, breaking my leg 2 months in hospital and 3 opertaions, in Feb i had recovered enough to start looking for another horse, i purchased something sensible a 15.1 welsh d mare 17 years, done a lot of endurance but still very fit an quiet enough for me to start riding again without the additons of a younger horse.

Ive done well so far, popped a few small jumps, been hacking for miles with a friend and she has been fab apart from with tractors :)

now im off to somerford park tomrorow with two friends, this is the first time i have been out to a venue in nearky two years, i said yes on sunday when the weather was glorious, and now im looking outside and its peeing it down and rather windy.

im now all nervous about the whole situation, i suppose in the past ive allways had youngsters, ive been riding for 15 years and was competeing bsja untill last year, so maybe im worrying my self over nothing

horse ive not take out before
long drive


any advise on controlling nerves would be great


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11 January 2018
OP maybe move your post to Tack Room to get more advice? Did you take your horse out? Hope it went ok, let us know!

I'm supposed to be hacking out this weekend for first time since 22nd March, alone as well, but its too windy so far. Will wait and see what it's like later on!