Flint & Denbigh horse struck on side of head whilst "trail hunting"


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15 January 2021
I think it’s when they are constantly monitored they have to trail or at least try too now. Many police forces around the country have spoken to the hunts and warned that no proven trails as in filmed and documented leaves them without a leg to stand on if they kill.

Interesting a hunt was ordered back to kennels yesterday as the police believed it was illegal hunting when they observed them….but then you get the Eggsford Hunt dragging a dead fox from a quad to “lay” a trail, revolting.

We have one trailing, another for last few outings attempting to trail it’s a work in progres.
6 November 2021
trail hunting does indeed seem to be on the rise. I'm still scratching my head wondering why you'd buy legal fees insurance for the hunting act if you were legally hunting and I really want to know if drag hunts have that insurance